IMOLA 1994


If there are days when fate strikes, that was the case on May 1st 1994. It was the saddest day, the world of mechanic sports had ever known, for a long time. On Friday, it was RUBENS BARRICHELLO who got off the track, very near the stands and miraculously survived. On the next day, during the selection, ROLAND RATZENBERGER lost his life after a very impressive crash. On the sad week-end, the Black Lady had decided to stay longer then foreseen.

As if fate had not been cruel enough, the race was to be even more dramatic. During departure, JJ LEHTO flew violently over another car and one of his wheels was projected on the audience. The pace-car allowed the track to be cleaned(the whole track ???) and all the cars could be one behind each other again. During the next departure, Ayrton, who was first at the moment ,(as usual) dashed out the curve known as Tamborello to go and crash on the wall which did not have any protection. Ayrton left us later, leaving orphans all his fans and all the people who supported him.

1994-2001 :
May 1st 1994, 1st may 2001. six years have gone by. What is left of Ayrton's souvenir ? The legend goes on but the vent itself has been forgotten because the trial was given up. When alive, Ayrton was a demigod and he became a myth after his death like Elvis or James DEAN. He still has millions of fans and no other pilot could ever reach his level.

Neither SCHUMACHER, not HAKKINEN could erase the exceptional pilot Ayrton was. No fight for the world championship was ever as disputed and as harsh as the one between Ayrton and Alain PROST

During that Imola Grand-prix a legend was born with Ayrton SENNA but the F1 did loose some of its interest FOREVER.......














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