It is obvious that a quick pilot who wins races can only become a great champion by measuring to adversaries of his own strength.

The thirst for victory of AYRTON SENNA the well known intelligence of ALAIN PROST led the two men into fratricidal fights, sometimes close to invincibility. The peak of this struggle undoubtedly took place the end of the eighties. Running for the same team (Mclaren), the two men led a ruthless fight for the world title.

The final advantage was obtained by the best performer of the season that is to say Ayrton. But the pretentious French did everything to gain his team on his side rather; he did not want them to support Senna. His talent was so great that his adversaries only choice was to play dirty tricks on him.

In 1989, the revenge took place. The championship took a decisive turn in Japan where Alain Prost, at the head of the race, found himself under the threat of the Brazilian champion. Knowing that he wouldn't resist much longer, he led Ayrton in a trap. When reaching the chicane, before the stands, he opened the door lightly making believe Senna in a possible opening then he cut in violently, forgetting that he was not the only one on the track. The inevitable crash took place.

Prost, proud of himself, thought he had already done the hardest but he was wrong. Ayrton was a fighter ! The Brazilian went on running, took over Sandro NANNINI without any problems and was going towards victory. But the power of the FIA ( at the time in the of a French : JM BALESTRE) disqualified Senna and the championship was offered to Prost a little later even though he had refused to run the last race because it was raining too much.




In 1990, Prost was in a better spirit, far from the Tifosis. Ayrton was by himself in the Mclaren team. But the fight was not over. The outcome was to take place in Japan once more, in Suzuka. But this time, the roles were reversed. Ayrton, already at the head of the championship did not really have to win contrary to Prost ( this time on bad terms with his team mate : Mansell). Occupying the pole position, Ayrton was allowed to start on the right side of the track. Believing it was a new plot, ayrton who was passed after departure bumbed into Prost and that was it with the season : he was the champion.

Later, the duel was softer even if in 93 the two men found themselves face to face again. Prost had at that time a better car than Ayrton but, on some occasions, his incredible talent brought the two men at the same level of performance. Especially in DONINGTON, under the rain when Ayrton passed Prost even though he had started on the first line. However, on the whole and with a more competitive Williams, Prost was the world champion.



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