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1 which year was born Ayrton?
 a 1975
 b 1960
 c 1959
 d 1964

How much pole position AYRTON does it have you obtained?
 a 60
 b 35
 c 65
 d 15

On which track Ayrton signs its derniere pole position?
 a Imola 1994
 b Monaco 1993
 c Pacifique 1994
 d Australie 1994

how much pole position sucessives Ayrton does it have you makes?
 a 5
 b 6
 c 7
 d 8

5In 1984, which place finishes Senna with the drivers championship?
 a 9eme
 b 4eme
 c 15eme
 d 7eme

How much time Ayrton Senna win the GP of Brazil?
 a 1
 b 2
 c 3
 d 4

On which race Senna win its 1ere race?
 a Espagne 1986
 b Monaco 1984
 c Portugal 1985
 d Angleterre 1985

How many points does Ayrton at the time of its 3rd world champion title ?
 a 88
 b 96
 c 55
 d 102

How much victory does Ayrton Senna obtain while carrying out from beginning to end?
 a 10
 b 12
 c 17
 d 19

10 Which is the last victory of Senna?
 a Australie 93
 b Pacifique 94
 c Japon 93
 d Italie 93




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